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Post by Pingcrazi on Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:24 pm

My English is great. I'm Canadian, Eh.
I'm very polite Very Happy
My experience with staff has been:

Moderator (3)
Admin (2)
Trial-Mod (7)
Owner (1)
Co-Owner (1)
Grief Buster (14)

Teamspeak: Pingcrazi

1: I'm Pingcrazi! Very Happy
2: Since Beta.
3: I've Played for a day, and Ive loved every minute of it!
4: Griefer's attacked my town on other servers, and Ive gotten back by becoming a Griefer Buster!
5: Yes! (See Above)
6: 1: I would jail them, Rollback the area, If its not bad, ban for a day, if it was big, permban.
2: Confront this player, ask politely for the blocks back, possible kick (If happened before by the same Player)
3: Ask him nicely to replace the damages, then show him where he can dig (ie: Side of mountain)
4: Confront the culprit, take the blocks from them, kick/jail them.
5: Of course ban! Unless they are a staff, hacking in no way is permitted!

Why I want to join: This amazing server has motivated me to get up on my feet and do something, I want to join the backbone of this servers skeleton, well preserving the other bones from griefers. Good luck to this server, and good luck fellow Applicants!

~Pingcrazi Very Happy 

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