My Resume for Grief Police~

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My Resume for Grief Police~ Empty My Resume for Grief Police~

Post by GHOST_Insane on Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:53 pm

1. In-Game Name: Haru_
2. Total Amount of Time: 5 Months of Minecraft.
3. How much time Ive been playing on your Server: 2 Months.
4. Experience with Griefers: Many times ive been griefed. Wanting to get Rid of them.
5. I don't have any experience, but I want to become Grief Police so I can take care of all Griefs that sound minecraft today.
6.1. Get them Banned from the Server from Griefing and refresh the building to make it back to Non-Griefed.
6.2. Replace the 3 Blocks with an replica, If he does it again, Ill warn him, But then the 3rd time, It'll be ban towards the Player.
6.3. It wouldnt be grief, but warn him if he is destroying an another's Player's Creation.
6.4. "I would ban him with the reason,"Please stop griefing one block from everything. Thank you." And rollback the grief."
6.5. Ban Him/her.

Im also nice to others, If they arnt griefing.
Also have TeamSpeak: GHO$T_Insane
English is good. I speak English, Don't I?
Im 14 Years old, But not off the computer during School Year. (School's on the computer.)
And Ill try my best to be on for 10 Hours if theres no Interruptions at all during home.

Hope you'll like the Resume! <(owo)^ <-----Wave~

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