My staff application (mainly moderator, but could be grief police as well, which ever one)

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My staff application (mainly moderator, but could be grief police as well, which ever one)

Post by Hawkeyes12(aidanaga) on Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:11 pm

I have met the expectations
1: Who are you in-game?
aidanaga, my nickname in it is Hawkeyes12_aidanaga though
2: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
I have been playing it for about 4 years
3: How long do you play on our server?
I play about once everyday, except not in the past couple of weeks because my minecraft account was not letting me log in, so i had to change my password and it worked
4: What is your experience with griefers?
Well, my experience is that they target my stuff on the server, well, one of their main targets, becuz the stuff I build in creative is kind of big
5: Do you have any experience as a admin, mod or any other staff positions in Minecraft?
Yes, actually, I am a Co_Owner of my best friends server, we use a thing called evolve, we have certain rules, just like this server, but, kind of less strict. Depends on which rule we are talking about though.

6.1: You see a random player destroying all buildings from other players with TNT. What would be your action?
Ban them, well for this server. Any server that has a rule saying NO GRIEFING AT ALL, I would ban them. If the rule saying no griefing, means that if I see someone griefing, what would I have to do first, like, is it a kick, then a ban if they do it a second time, or just ban. Now, on this server, I am assuming that it is just a plain out ban.

6.2: You see a player taking away ONLY 3 blocks from 1 building in survival, you follow him around he does not destroy anything else. What would be your action?
I would ask him to put the blocks back. If he refuses, its a kick, for him to learn his lesson. Next, a ban, which is one of the rules from the server I am Co_owner of, but, now the server i am Co_owner of allows griefing. 

6.3: You see a player destroying the natural environment. He is talking away random blocks, leaving the area he walked in damaged. What do you do?
It depends on how damaged it is. I would do a ban if it is really bad. By bad, I mean everything is covered in water and lava, and just chaos.

6.4: You see a player talking away 1 block from almost all buildings on the entire map. What would be your action?
I would ask for them to please replace the blocks, but, on this server, i would just ban them. They are supposed to read the rules, and if they don't and just grief, well, they will learn a lesson.

6.5 You see a player flying around in a world were flying is disabled. What would you do?
I would first kick them with a warning saying please no flying, if you choose to fly without permission on this server, I will be forced by the rules of this server to ban you. Next time he flies, boom, banned.

I do not just want to be moderator for power. I want to help the people of this server and stop griefing. I want to be a part of this job and have the responsibility to help this server stay grief clean. I will help those who need it. That is all


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Re: My staff application (mainly moderator, but could be grief police as well, which ever one)

Post by Richje700 on Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:14 pm

Read it, and aware of you application.


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