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Grief police Application Empty Grief police Application

Post by JacksonNg on Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:04 am

1: Who are you in-game?
2: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
2 Year
3: How long do you play on our server?
4: What is your experience with griefers?
before i play a sever is a faction sever and i get raid and grief every 3day so i delete that sever and come here Grief police Application Icon_razz (i play that sever a month lol) build a base every week - -
5: Do you have any experience as a admin, mod or any other staff positions in Minecraft?
No, no one want me
Please describe how you would solve the following issue if you were a staff member.
If I am a GP I will do my best and i will do my work any time i'm online
6.1: You see a random player destroying all buildings from other players with TNT. What would be your action?
I will warn him before he put 2nd TNT if he not stopping i will ban him
6.2: You see a player taking away ONLY 3 blocks from 1 building in survival, you follow him around he does not destroy anything else. What would be your action?
I would warn him and tempban him if he do it again i will ban him
6.3: You see a player destroying the natural environment. He is talking away random blocks, leaving the area he walked in damaged. What do you do?
Ban him
6.4: You see a player talking away 1 block from almost all buildings on the entire map. What would be your action?
ask him put back or ban 
6.5 You see a player flying around in a world were flying is disabled. What would you do?
I would tell him [you are not suppose to fly stop it]if he din't stop i will tempban him


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Grief police Application Empty Re: Grief police Application

Post by Richje700 on Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:14 pm

Read it, and aware of you application.


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