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Post by whoIam on Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:00 am

1: Who are you in-game?
2: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
2 Year
3: How long do you play on our server?
I thing 1 month
4: What is your experience with griefers?
the sever protect lant with faction and player 50-200 so we get raid every time and they also grief our lant ,so i very hate griefer:evil:
5: Do you have any experience as a admin, mod or any other staff positions in Minecraft?
No, no one trust me Sad
Please describe how you would solve the following issue if you were a staff member.
If I am a GP I will do my best, and I online every day
6.1: You see a random player destroying all buildings from other players with TNT. What would be your action?
I will repair the building for the onwned of the building 
6.2: You see a player taking away ONLY 3 blocks from 1 building in survival, you follow him around he does not destroy anything else. What would be your action?
I will warn the player dot grief next time
6.3: You see a player destroying the natural environment. He is talking away random blocks, leaving the area he walked in damaged. What do you do?
Server got grief check right (I not really know what it ask)
6.4: You see a player talking away 1 block from almost all buildings on the entire map. What would be your action?
Warn the player and ban he for 5 min
6.5 You see a player flying around in a world were flying is disabled. What would you do?
I will call the player stop it and dot do it agin

I know my eng not really good but I try to do it best study


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Grief Police Empty Re: Grief Police

Post by Richje700 on Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:14 pm

Read it, and aware of you application.


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