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Unban appeal jude Empty Unban appeal jude

Post by djrequena on Mon May 27, 2013 11:01 pm

Lj_mau5 hacked my MC account and lagged the server and i do not really know what else he did but i was in a diffrent server at this moment playing parkour with my friend slavicisme and i have proof so N0_GRIEF can u plz unban me for this messy mess that happend today and give me one more chance and just ban lj_mau5 because he cant even come back on if u ban him cause i have a account called djrequena and one named jude so u can only have 3 accounts (max)and lj (my brother that was playing as jude) said that a guy named aang said he greifed him and i think u should just ban Lj_mau5 beacuse u know how siblings always fight and get mad at each other well kinda it here he used my account hacked my password and got on the server and acctually started to lag the server with Weep Craft and ust to let u know i know all this stuff cause' i questioned him for like an hour and talked to slavicisme to talk to you and no one wanted to help me out so i think i got a virus on my pc now trying to figure out about ban appeals passwords VARATION CODES date of birth and my moms birthday????so just give me one more chance and i'll make a good mini game called battle to the ships just for u N0_GRIEF i'll make it up for u what do u say will i get unbaned or stay in my miserable life of minecraft days?Remember its gods choice let him choose and you type it in.


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Unban appeal jude Empty Re: Unban appeal jude

Post by N0_GRIEF on Tue May 28, 2013 9:53 am

ok well, it doesnt matter because whoever took your account has more than just 1 IP they are continuously changing their IP and trying to crash the sever, not that it will work, im just getting pissed all my player spots keep being gone, so no, you cannot get unbanned, at least not now, this guy knows the server and he plans to keep randomly attacking it, so until he leaves and spot permenately no IP's are getting unbanned because it is impossible to find out who exactly this person is or their actual root ip or tell which IP's are bogus and which IP's are real

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