can someone help me?!?

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can someone help me?!? Empty can someone help me?!?

Post by TheSniperHead on Mon May 27, 2013 5:46 am

my computer was restarted and all of the data was deleted i already downloaded java,minecraft,google,teamspeak then i play minecraft and it opens then i played it and i closed it and also my computer and i play again in the next day when i want to open it ,it always not open like dafuq it doesnt open i clicked it like 900000 timees and i didnt click it like i was mad xD , i was trying to delete it and download it again and still like that then i got bored so i want to open teamspeak still the fahking problem again pale Evil or Very Mad scratch can someone help me or give me any suggestion?so i can play minecraft again

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